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Dear Parents Teacher’s Remarks on your child is available using MAIS APP on the student tablet and in the school website. Please login with your parents account and go through REMARKS , then select STUDENT_NAME, then MESSAGES, then INBOX MESSAGES, and finally, select the SUBJECT. If you wish to send a message to the teacher […]

Reading Program

Dear parents, MAIS is currently conducting a Reading Program both for Arabic and English every Sundays of the week.  Please support your child with his/her reading by making sure to download the stories on the tablet from the FORUM, or from the Parents App Download Center on the tablet. Sincerely,   MAIS

Parents Emails

Dear Parents This year, we are sending official communications using email.  Please send your full name and your personal email to

MAIS Application on Google Playstore

Dear Parents, To be able to log into MAIS computer system from your android mobile , please access “Play Store” to download the new application “MAIS” Link for the Application please note that the application for ‘iphone’ is not yet in place ,but will be available in near future.