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About Us

MAIS is a private, independent institution that serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It has an international program of studies which meets the needs of the multinational community in the UAE. The Modern American International School is a school that strives to develop a love for learning in each student. Our aim is to foster independent learners, skilled communicators and inquiring students who are willing to challenge the accepted and move into the unknown. It is a state-of-the-art school that will provide the tools and guidance to allow students to sift through the massive information and make informed decisions.


MAIS is the place for students who are willing to accept the challenge of excellence, dedicated to becoming global citizens with pride in their culture and an appreciation for the cultures of the world. In our students, we inspire a passion for learning, encouraging emotional and intellectual vitality, and empower them with the confidence and courage to contribute to the global community and to achieve their dreams. Our school embraces a commitment to high standards. There is a strong emphasis in teaching students to live in the Islamic faith within the context of the American Education Program. Traditional values such as patriotism, good discipline, respect for all (especially the elderly), respect for religious beliefs, loyalty, (to school, family and country) and devotion to truth are highly expected and integrated into the curriculum.


We, at The Modern American International School, believe that the main role of our administrative staff and teaching faculty is to serve students by creating an exceptional, pleasant and respectful environment that will stimulate the learning process. In order to have a safe and orderly school, where students can learn effectively, we believe that guidelines and proper regulations regarding students’ behavior must exist. These regulations should be respected and adhered to by all students and parents alike. Students’ success depends largely on adherence to these regulations. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from their teachers, advisers, Supervisors or Principal.