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Open House

An Open House for KG , Grades 1 to 4 students will be held on 2nd week of September, during which parents will have the opportunity to meet their children`s teacher . An invitation letter will be sent to the parents.  It is advisable for Parents to meet the Class teacher and all concerned Program teachers to know the progress of their child and take necessary steps to ensure that the child does better.

Parent Conferences  

Formal parent/teacher conferences are scheduled once or two times in a year to facilitate open communication between parents and teachers regarding students’ progress. Refer to the School calendar for specific dates.

Parent`s Involvement

Parents play an essential and positive role in the life of an independent school. Parents should not only be an advocates for their children but they also support the faculty and administration through extensive volunteer activities and events. When parents chose to enroll their children at The Modern American International School, they also agree to adhere and contribute to its mission, follow its rules, and abide by its decisions. However, The Modern American International School faculty believes that trust and mutual respect are the most essential underpinnings of effective working relationships with parents.

While parents may not agree with every decision made by the school, in most cases the parent and school will find enough common ground to continue a mutually respectful relationship.

Parent Visitation Procedure

Parents wishing to visit the School Principal, Supervisor or any teacher, will have to take prior appointment from the Receptionist. Please state the name of the concerned person to be visited. After confirming with the concerned person, the Receptionist will provide the parent with an appointment. The parent then will come to school through the Main door and must approach the Receptionist. The latter will direct the parent to the concerned person. In case of a delay or cancellation of an appointment, parents can reschedule the same on another day.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Parents wishing to speak with their child`s teacher must make an appointment through the Receptionist who will coordinate with the section supervisor.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Regular meetings will be scheduled at the end terms one and two in order to distribute Term Reports, and discuss the results.

Complaints and Suggestions

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding on this matter. Our student’s safety is our priority. Please send your complaints and suggestions to our school at If you wish to visit the school and meet any of our school staff or Principal, it is necessary to schedule an appointment. We look forward to a prosperous learning year 2015-2016.

School Website

The parent can login to our school website at  by using the assigned login ID and password of each student to be able access all information regarding the school activities and the student’s school performance.

The following information can be found online: student’s marks, remarks about performance from teachers, school calendar, upcoming events, announcements and holidays, homework and assignments.