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Students Tablets


MAIS is requiring ALL STUDENTS to bring their tablet starting this week for quizzes, class works, reading period, and online activities.

Tablets that are bought from outside the school will need to be registered and will require a payment of 365.00 from the accounts.

MAIS Tablet Customization works specifically

on Samsung Tab A 10 inch (SM-T550), Samsung Tab A-6 10 inch (SM-T580) and SAMSUNG TAB 4 10 inch (SM-T531) models.

Please take care of the tablet and bring it every day fully charge. 

Please be advice to buy a PROTECTIVE CASE/COVER for your tablet.

If by any chance, your tablet loses any application needed for the classes,

the student will bear the cost of reformatting the tablet and will need to pay 200.00 AED from the accounts.

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